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Ifory Navel Slim Patch in Pakistan is a product that says to assist in weight loss thru the software of patches on the pores and skin. These patches are designed to supply active elements that can probably decorate fat burning and sell weight reduction. It’s miles essential to be aware that as an AI language version, I do no longer have get admission to to real-time statistics or non-public reviews with precise products. Consequently, the following facts is based totally on popular information about weight loss patches.

Do Belly Button Weight Loss Patches Work?

Weight loss patches are a form of transdermal patches that supply ingredients without delay through the pores and skin into the bloodstream. The Ifory 20 pieces/2 baggage fat Burner weight reduction Patch, because the call shows, contains 20 patches divided into two luggage. Every patch is designed to be applied to the pores and skin for a specific length, commonly ranging from some hours to a day, relying on the product.

Do Belly Patches Really Work?

The patches generally incorporate a mix of natural or synthetic ingredients that are believed to have homes to help weight reduction efforts. Those elements may also include natural extracts, nutrients, minerals, and other compounds which might be idea to have thermogenic or fat-burning effects.

How it Works:

  • Easy the region you need to use the patch.
  • Put off the protective layer from the patch.
  • Stick the patch to the region you want to use.
  • Leave the patch on for 8-10 hours.
  • Remove the patch and clean the area


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