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Reflux Gourmet Mint Rescue In Pakistan, Mint Chocolate Rescue All-natural Alginate Therapy, Acid Reflux, Gerd, Lpr, Heartburn Relief

Plant-primarily Based Therapy With Out a Known Side Outcomes. Crafted From All-natural Elements Considered Safe for Youngsters and Pregnant Girls. Helps Relieve Starvation Pangs Associated With Intermittent Fasting. The Most Effective Alginate Therapy Made With One Hundred% All-herbal Components and Paraben Loose! Made From Begin to Finish in Northern California! Product Manufacture Date Is on the Tube. Expiration Date Is Two Years After Producer Date. First Digits Are the Year and the Second Two Digits Are the Month.

Reflux Gourmet – Mint Chocolate Rescue All-Natural Alginate Therapy, Acid Reflux, GERD, LPR, Heartburn Relief

  • Works to safeguard the throat & esophagus by creating a protective barrier.
  • Plant Based Treatment with NO known side effects. Made from All Natural Ingredients Considered Safe for Children and Pregnant Women.
  • Helps relieve hunger pains associated with intermittent fasting.
  • The only alginate therapy made with 100% all-natural ingredients and Paraben FREE! Made from start to finish in Northern California!
  • Product manufacture date is on the tube. Expiration date is 2 years after manufacturer date. First two digits are the year and the second two digits are the month. (The rest carry other lot number information for our reference.) For example, a product produced February of 2021 would carry a number stamped into the end beginning

Made from All Natural Ingredients Considered Safe for Children and Pregnant Women

Reflux Gourmet’s Mint Chocolate Rescue is a safe, all-natural alginate supplement from the Napa Valley. It is made entirely of 100% all-natural ingredients in Northern California. Mint Chocolate Rescue forms a raft on top of the stomach contents to create a physical barrier against reflux, safeguarding your esophagus and throat – nature’s way. Just 1 teaspoon taken after meals and before bed is all the protection you need.

How does Alginate Therapy work?

Alginate is a natural derivative of kelp or seaweed. Clinical studies reveal that the alginate forms a protective coating in your throat and esophagus that can help relieve, or even prevent, the experience of reflux. Once the alginate reaches your stomach, it forms a gel raft that floats on the top of your stomach contents to effectively block off (or “cork”) the esophagus. Unlike other therapies, this “esophageal cork” actually prevents reflux from happening.

When do I take Reflux Gourmet?

Mint Chocolate Rescue works best when taken after meals and before bed to prevent regurgitation and protect your throat and esophagus. The all-natural esophageal cork will last for hours, giving your stomach time to clear the food after meals. The alginate raft will then dissolve and digest.
Did you know…? Alginate therapy has been used during intermittent fasting to help relieve the experience of hunger pains and can enhance feelings of being full. Take it away, nature’s way!
For more information on alginate therapy, and a helpful list of scientific references – please visit our website! Please note – the Lot Number stamped into the seal at the end of your tube contains the date of manufacturing (not expiration date). First two digits are the year and the second two digits are the month. For example, 2109 means it was manufactured in September, 2021.




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